3 Simple Steps to Make Your Own Website

Step 1. Choose a domain name.

What kind of domain name should I pick?

  • If you’re making a website for your business, your domain name should match your company name to make it easier for audience to remember you. For example: BongoHost.co.tz
  • If you’re planning to set up a website for yourself, then YourName.com will be a great option.

For this site, We chose BongoHost.co.tz

By using keywords that match your business idea, example BongoHost, where ‘Bongo’ means an antelope  or a drum and ‘Host’ which can mean a few things example Hosting an Event or Business.


Step 2. Choose a registrar

Decide where to purchase your Domain & Hosting from Bongo Host TZ or you already have a domain but wish to transfer it to our servers.

Domain is the name of you website as stated above and Hosting means a service that connects your site to the internet through us.

Where do I get a domain name and hosting?

Simple, visit ‘Our-Services’ and choose the package to suit your needs.


Step 3. Visit or Chat with our Business Consultant

To decide on the design of your website, they are free templates available online, or you can go for a unique & premium design to suit your business or organization at an extra cost.

Author: BongoHostTZ
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